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Victims of carcinoma and carcinoma Causes

 We Represent Victims of carcinoma and carcinoma Caused by amphibole Exposure

Lipsitz & Ponterio, LLC, represents victims of activity diseases, together with carcinoma, carcinoma, and different chronic diseases and cancers caused by exposure to ototoxic substances. Our attorneys serve shoppers in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and in different communities throughout the big apple State United Nations agency are full of asbestos-related diseases and cancers caused by ototoxic chemicals.

Mesothelioma and carcinoma area unit usually fatal diseases caused by exposure to amphibole dirt and fibers. As a number one amphibole business firm in the big apple State, our attorneys are serving to people and families full of asbestos-related diseases for over twenty five years. as a result of carcinoma may be associate aggressive cancer, we tend to perceive the importance of prosecuting the case as quickly as doable and in an exceedingly approach that doesn\'t interfere with our clients’ medical treatment. Our firm will handle all aspects of your carcinoma case, and that we can give you with the private attention and older illustration your family deserves.

If you\'re retired and living in Sunshine State or Arizona or anyplace else, we tend to area unit ready to travel your home to satisfy with you and start the method of delivery acceptable claims


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