Umer Jahangir has Doing  his graduation in laptop Sciences and lives in United Mexican States. he\'s wish to play Cricket, table game. He like Blogging abundantly and like play with hypertext mark-up language content.

Our Mission is sort of easy and straightforward to readers that build YOUR web log sort of a professional that is currently serving loads of quality articles daily to a way broader audience. Face web log is has 500000 below Alexa Rank with  and has over eighty back links.


Blogging History Umer Jahangir started blogging in October 2013  ,he started writing blogs to induce some data regarding the net and blogging world. He started taking interest in tweaking Blogger Templates by totally reading articles on-line. His thirst for learning and understanding latest net technologies like HTML4, CSS3, php and JavaScript.


MBT PurposeThe purpose of publication web log was to supply top quality Blogging tips, net planning tutorials, sensible SEO tips and on-line earning ways and build YOUR web log sort of a professional. every post is revealed with a hope so each blogger could learn the core basics to ascertain himself as a talented professional blogging, act as an expensive resource to {the on-line|the web|the net} community and build a cheerful living online.

WHY you decide on FACE web log

Advise To BloggersAdvise To BloggersWhen you plan to try to to one thing innovative in life, individuals can tell you that you simply can\'t have sex however once you prove that you simply will, identical person would raise you: however you probably did it? thus do not surrender and keep blogging humbly.
Blogging needs somewhat diligence however lots of patience. It enables you to to speak with a school of thought on-line world of two Billion individuals, every of them is keen to seek out out, what have you ever have to be compelled to share. thus respect this chance and work flat out with sincerity. offer a lot of price to Quality content, respect Copyrights, your Readers and hate Blogging for cash alone. i\'m blogging since a years however I still want a newcomer and this can be what that keeps ME pushing to try to to a lot of.
Please keep in mind to be grateful  to Jehovah for gifting you with the power to scan and write. everybody of you could be a born genius, you simply ought to acknowledge your God precocious potentials. desire you all a happing Blogging career. keep blessed and be happy continually. Peace and blessings be upon you all.


Umer Jahangir


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